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MinorCapFs provides access to directory tree subgraphs by means of sparse capabilities. The directory /mnt/minorfs/cap, when listed, is empty. When an entity however posses a sparse capability that identifies a subtree, the path /mnt/minorfs/cap/$SUBGRAPHCAP discloses the designated directory subgraph.

MinorFs allows for treegraph decomposition. The extended attribute 'cap' is available on each directory and file within MinorCapFs and provides a sparse capability to a file or directory subgraph. This sparse capability, can be communicated with other entities, thus delegating permissions to files or directories.

MinorCapFs allows delegations to be made persistent by allowing for the creation of symbolic links that point within /mnt/minorfs.

Next to the 'cap' extended attribute that points back into MinorCapFs, MinrCapFs also can provide a 'ctkr' attribute. This attribute is the exact same sparse capability as the 'cap' attribute, but instead of pointing into MinorCapFs it points into MinorCtkrFs.

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